Snorkelling in Tioman Island was fun, the fishes were friendly, actually, they were far too friendly, especially when we threw bread over board. They ate like piranas attacking meat. One boat man even threw mee siam over board! O_O

I was shocked when I show the fish slurp up the mee siam underwater. Guess fishes eat everything, even noodles. haha. 

Waiting for my $400 odd dollars from work, and another $160 from tutoring in the next few weeks or so. Hope it comes soon! Because my bank account is dry. 

Cant wait to develop the photos the boatman helped me take with my underwater camera! 

I got sick half way and didnt manage to snorkel all the way to the stone (which was where all the fishes home (coral reefs) were and the boat man helped me. 

  I wish my shoes would come faster. Like pronto, snap! Before all the flatforms craze goes out the window and I have to wait till the NEXT decade to wear my flatforms. 

Incase you're wondering, I ordered a pair of sandals (since I tore up two other shoes, I have practically no other shoes left to wear, which constitutes in my valid reason behind purchasing these shoes!) and a pair of flatforms from Tarallox. 

Le sigh. They take a month to arrive and I cant help feeling impatient. 

Anyway, I went to the gym with a friend today. Felt great about cycling and jogging on the machines! Only because they inform me how much calories I'm losing while exercising! Haha.

 listening to: Hotline - Ciara

It's so incredibly hard to find a pair of skinny jeans with the right fit, it has always been so for me. I have wide hips so I have to choose a bigger size but my legs are skinnier than my hips so even though the jeans fit right on the top, it doesnt on the bottom and so on. 

On monday I went out with a friend to shop( read blow our bank accounts, haha. ) and i found the perfect pair of skinnies on sale at Forever 21 for like $19 . We both tried on the same pair (in different sizes of course) and we both fell in love with the fit. So perfect!!!

Fit is such an important part of a pair of jeans. I'm the top and jeans kinda girl, so it's always been a bit of obsession with me. The only downside to the jeans were this strong sulphur smell and the fact that the color runs a bit on my skin. :(( 


I'm dipping the jeans in water overnight to see if it's just new or it's a long term problem before deciding to get another pair. (so awesome!!!) 

Argh. What an oxymoron. The fit is perfect but the quality is bad. 

God.  On the side note, i dyed my hair today (: 

asos claw cuff. Perfect. 

 listening to : Sexy As Hell - Sarah Connor

Am going to pay the hair dresser's a visit tomorrow to get my locks colored + cut. Now my hair is at this passe long short length, it doesnt help that my hair is so layered that the front length varies from the back. 

 Watching- Baby Faced Beauty Episode 3

Made some accesories with the raw quartz that I got from a month back ago, today. So much things to do , so little time. I need to finish up 2 reports by today. That alone would kill me, on the other hand i am contemplating to go back to people's complex at China town and look for that shop again. :3 

It's like a little piece of heaven! At least for me. It has studs, tools, synthetic leather and all that jazz! I just bought like, $10++ of stuff just the day before and the things I have YET to buy is stuck in my head. 

Wish I had less work to do and more free time, though this block's schedule is free-er that my last block's schedule.

I am so hungry!  Totally need mcdonald's breakfast. T_T Pancakes! Burgers! aaah 

 listening to: Stupid Girls - Pink

Been playing with the idea of joining some competitions now :3 I am pretty much sure that I will though now 

Audi Fashion Festivals & Chaos
listen: I Feel Like Dancing- All Time Low

Attended the 2nd show for Audi Fashion Festival today, and it was so, bloody awesome. The music was great and the show man ship was good, at least for local designers. It gives me reassurance that the industry is'nt as dead as I thought it was.

The day started out nicely, I woke up early for a change, and did my hair and make up properly for once (of course this all melted away by midday. The weather was simply too hot for any sort of face paint to last, really.) and went over to my friend's house to gather. We went to another friend's house to pick her up and took a cab down to town to meet my friend's uncle and aunt who were really nice and humourous.

The downside of this day started when a certain bipolar someone decided to join us at last minute and saw me. Her mood turned completely sour and she shut up for the rest of the conversation.

I dont know what I did to anger her really, but honestly I couldnt care less. After all the drama in my secondary school days, all I want is a quiet peaceful life with no drama. A few quiet crushes here and there, but nothing that cant be fixed internally.
God forbid, if I were to lose my temper again and lash out again. I really dont want to hate or stay angry at anyone who's a part of my daily life now. I learnt that the hard way that it's mental torture to do that.

But on the other hand, because of the certain someone, I feel more and more left out of the loop. I really want this to stop, I hate this honestly.

I'm Busy
listening to: I'm Busy - 2NE1

Music tends to affect my mood, so i make sure I listen to upbeat music in the morning. I've been out and about these days, ever since the holidays started, out with old school mates, class mates, and even swam with a friend I lost contact with for a while. It was nice to feel like you could pick up what you left off immediately, it makes you feel closer. 

I'm awaiting 2 parcels to reach me, one is a cosmic Christopher kane tank top, another is a nude shirt from THESCARLETROOM. 

Meanwhile, I need to tidy and shift things around in my room. 

listening to: Darlin- Avril Lavinge

I was 2 hours late to class yesterday, I felt bad for it for the entire day :( I am most definitely going to start the day early tomorrow. Do you ever feel tired and helpless? That you were unable to wake on time to begin on something and as a result you feel like shit for the rest of the day about yourself? 

I do. I blame it on the fact that I like to brood ( think Edward Cullen type of broodiness) over little things and magnify things to be larger than -my - life. 

Sometimes, I hate myself for it. It drives me insane. But I want to turn over a new leaf, flip that page, or what ever they call it. I realize that my reading material had been severely depleted. I mean, one could practically get away with labelling my entire bookshelf

I realize that I am entering into a different phase of life, and there are many things I need. Like, for example, I need to get myself together. Plan things, learn new things. Become friendlier! (not going to happen.) 

These things need money that I don't have, which results in me having to look for a part time job nearby. 

-sigh-  Why is everything almost always based on $? 

Anyway, I modeled for the skirt I made for class with SM. It turned out pretty well, the colors and the lighting were wonderful, but I wish I wasn't hunching though. Need to cure that habit from me. I cant wait for the next shoot, (: 

 Off to complete me To do list~


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