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If you lived life without an argument
watching: Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 1

...then you would have lived a life not worth living at all. Because that means you have not once stood up for yourself nor what you stand for. 

Why are we talking about arguments again? Well, thats because I got into a huge fight with my lecturer at school. That's right. I thought I gotten all that melodrama out of my system in secondary school. But no. You see, I have this problem when I am sleep deprived and meet bitchy people along the way. I speak the truth. Cold, brutal and harsh reality without mincing it up all nice and peppered for her. 

I want to lodge a complaint against her for her actions. And I think I shall do that, with a form at the General Office. Why not just let it go? You see, I could. But that would mean I would be letting her step all over myself. And I'm paying school fees in order to let her do that.

Now, why would I do something that foolish? 


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