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Snorkelling in Tioman Island was fun, the fishes were friendly, actually, they were far too friendly, especially when we threw bread over board. They ate like piranas attacking meat. One boat man even threw mee siam over board! O_O

I was shocked when I show the fish slurp up the mee siam underwater. Guess fishes eat everything, even noodles. haha. 

Waiting for my $400 odd dollars from work, and another $160 from tutoring in the next few weeks or so. Hope it comes soon! Because my bank account is dry. 

Cant wait to develop the photos the boatman helped me take with my underwater camera! 

I got sick half way and didnt manage to snorkel all the way to the stone (which was where all the fishes home (coral reefs) were and the boat man helped me. 


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