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Audi Fashion Festivals & Chaos
listen: I Feel Like Dancing- All Time Low

Attended the 2nd show for Audi Fashion Festival today, and it was so, bloody awesome. The music was great and the show man ship was good, at least for local designers. It gives me reassurance that the industry is'nt as dead as I thought it was.

The day started out nicely, I woke up early for a change, and did my hair and make up properly for once (of course this all melted away by midday. The weather was simply too hot for any sort of face paint to last, really.) and went over to my friend's house to gather. We went to another friend's house to pick her up and took a cab down to town to meet my friend's uncle and aunt who were really nice and humourous.

The downside of this day started when a certain bipolar someone decided to join us at last minute and saw me. Her mood turned completely sour and she shut up for the rest of the conversation.

I dont know what I did to anger her really, but honestly I couldnt care less. After all the drama in my secondary school days, all I want is a quiet peaceful life with no drama. A few quiet crushes here and there, but nothing that cant be fixed internally.
God forbid, if I were to lose my temper again and lash out again. I really dont want to hate or stay angry at anyone who's a part of my daily life now. I learnt that the hard way that it's mental torture to do that.

But on the other hand, because of the certain someone, I feel more and more left out of the loop. I really want this to stop, I hate this honestly.


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