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Graduation, Fear
Saturday marked the last day of Design Diploma Show, which made me rather contemplative of my next step in life. The question of working or studying first weighed heavily in my mind. Working, as I have always felt took up a lot of time, it would be hard for me to concentrate on anything but my immediate future when I'm working, I am ashamed to say but I have a one track mind that get stuck in a loop when I am focused on one thing.

Studying for my degree is a given, I would have to get my degree most definitely. Living in Singapore or anywhere else without  a degree would be out of the question, a degree is extremely important to the standard of living I would like to maintain.

The question is what degree should I study for? I feel like I am being thrown back into a time loop, where after making a decision to study Apparel Design and Merchandising 3 years ago, I am yet forced to make the same agonizing decision again. I am unsure if I should continue studying fashion merchandising or move on to study what I really want, which is Law.

I feel torn into two. There is a part of me that reminisce about my younger days when I used to tell anyone who asked confidently that I aspired to be a lawyer when I grow "older" but yet there is another part of me whom has gone through the 3 years of studying Retail Design and Merchandising who wants to continue to study it and eventually become a capable brand manager and retail designer.

Both paths are equally expensive and I am sure I cannot afford either path on my own, or even with my parents help. I guess i have to take some time to do some soul searching before throwing myself into the path once again.

Even so, as I am making my decision now I cant help but to think what am I going to do after my degree?


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