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Right Decisions?
listening to: Give It A Go - Timbaland ft Veronica Garner 

It's been a long time since my last entry. Well, that much is not surprising, since I only write entries when I'm depressed/ happy. Sometimes, I do wonder if I'm a undiagnosed bi-polar patient, then the world would be a much happier place, since I'd be on meds. 

I'm totally cool with that. Today was the last day of work at this "healthy" food joint that I work at as a barista/cashier/server/dishwasher/cockroach killer /everything else you can possibly think of. It made me kinda sad cause the chefs actually remembered that I was leaving today and made me a special meal off the menu :( I got along with the people there very well, and I'm surprised to say that this place was the only place i've ever worked at where I got along with everyone. (This includes IKEA, Kinokuniya and Takashimaya) 

So as you can see, it made me really sad to leave. But i had to, in order to find time to look for my internships and study for my driving tests. :( I guess i would consider going back to work there when I'd finished the year at the polytechnic I'm currently studying at. 

Possibly during university like one of the other guys who worked there as well, but thinking this way brings me to a whole new level of depression. 

Working while studying has made me even more aware of constant change, the same place that you have once worked at, will not stay the same forever. Within a month or so, the staff might change, even the management might change. 

You'd never knew what hits you until it does. Being prepared for change is the only way to ensure that you can keep up with the times and the pace at which everyone else is travelling at, however this does not stop me from wishing that change will never come :(

On the bright side, this change has given me much free time which I need in order to spend time on a website I am thinking about, as well as my jewellery making hobby and business ambition. 


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