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Long time no blog.
listening to: Replay - Iyaz

I missed blogging, I haven't blogged in like ages, thanks to school work and whats not. Speaking of which, i desperately need to fix my website's word-press. And get my resume and stuff done before the next school semester. And worry about the contents of my bank account. And join a CCA some how. Some day soon I hope. 

So much to do, so little time and yes, I do realise I say that a lot. 

I'm hoping to get an internship at either ELLE Magazine at SPH, or American Apparel (which is near impossible thanks to US visa's waiting period. Thanks again America! (not)

Or at least Charles & Keith which is under Louis Vuitton for those unaware. From experience, I have learnt that things are generally safer with a bigger company or at least a company with a proper Human Resource Department whose sole mission in their career is to attend to your needs. Ha. 

Either way,  I need to start writing essays or if you would call it blogging about issues I care about. 

Damn. Where has all that time gone? 


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