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 listening to: Hotline - Ciara

It's so incredibly hard to find a pair of skinny jeans with the right fit, it has always been so for me. I have wide hips so I have to choose a bigger size but my legs are skinnier than my hips so even though the jeans fit right on the top, it doesnt on the bottom and so on. 

On monday I went out with a friend to shop( read blow our bank accounts, haha. ) and i found the perfect pair of skinnies on sale at Forever 21 for like $19 . We both tried on the same pair (in different sizes of course) and we both fell in love with the fit. So perfect!!!

Fit is such an important part of a pair of jeans. I'm the top and jeans kinda girl, so it's always been a bit of obsession with me. The only downside to the jeans were this strong sulphur smell and the fact that the color runs a bit on my skin. :(( 


I'm dipping the jeans in water overnight to see if it's just new or it's a long term problem before deciding to get another pair. (so awesome!!!) 

Argh. What an oxymoron. The fit is perfect but the quality is bad. 

God.  On the side note, i dyed my hair today (: 


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