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 Watching- Baby Faced Beauty Episode 3

Made some accesories with the raw quartz that I got from a month back ago, today. So much things to do , so little time. I need to finish up 2 reports by today. That alone would kill me, on the other hand i am contemplating to go back to people's complex at China town and look for that shop again. :3 

It's like a little piece of heaven! At least for me. It has studs, tools, synthetic leather and all that jazz! I just bought like, $10++ of stuff just the day before and the things I have YET to buy is stuck in my head. 

Wish I had less work to do and more free time, though this block's schedule is free-er that my last block's schedule.

I am so hungry!  Totally need mcdonald's breakfast. T_T Pancakes! Burgers! aaah 


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