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listening to: Darlin- Avril Lavinge

I was 2 hours late to class yesterday, I felt bad for it for the entire day :( I am most definitely going to start the day early tomorrow. Do you ever feel tired and helpless? That you were unable to wake on time to begin on something and as a result you feel like shit for the rest of the day about yourself? 

I do. I blame it on the fact that I like to brood ( think Edward Cullen type of broodiness) over little things and magnify things to be larger than -my - life. 

Sometimes, I hate myself for it. It drives me insane. But I want to turn over a new leaf, flip that page, or what ever they call it. I realize that my reading material had been severely depleted. I mean, one could practically get away with labelling my entire bookshelf

I realize that I am entering into a different phase of life, and there are many things I need. Like, for example, I need to get myself together. Plan things, learn new things. Become friendlier! (not going to happen.) 

These things need money that I don't have, which results in me having to look for a part time job nearby. 

-sigh-  Why is everything almost always based on $? 

Anyway, I modeled for the skirt I made for class with SM. It turned out pretty well, the colors and the lighting were wonderful, but I wish I wasn't hunching though. Need to cure that habit from me. I cant wait for the next shoot, (: 

 Off to complete me To do list~


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