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red lipstick
listening to : Who Says - Selena Gomez

While watching Pink Lipstick (a korean drama, with a plot very much modeled after A Wife's Temptation) I was brooding over the title of the drama. I mean, why not name it Red Lipstick? The color pink has always been associated with synonyms like sweet first love, felinity. Granted, the show was telling a tale of a woman and how she had gotten married with her first love, but the emphasis of the story was on the tragedy, the betrayal of the said first love, aka. husband and her best friend whom she had supported both financially and emotionally over the years. 

Red seemed like a much more appropiate color for the show, considering the subject they were dealing with. Red is associated with love, as well as all the gory things like blood and etc. Being the over analyst I was, I began to brood about my own selection of lip color. I looked over my collection and found that the closest color I had to red was this rosy pink by MAC

I think it is well time for me to use that $10 MAKE UP STORE gift voucher my friend had gifted me early march. 

Dread the upcoming portfolio review though. I hadn't done very well for my previous few subjects, so wish me luck! 


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