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All Over Again
 listening to: Anything But Ordinary- Avril Lavigne

I like listening to old songs, it seems as though as the years pass by, the songs that are popular these days have absolutely no sense of meaning to them. It's almost as if, if the beat's catchy, then it's alright. 

I need to find a job soon. Ordered a little too much from Forever21 and bought a little too many from The Make Up Store.
A friend brought me to their new spring collection opening at Paragon, and it was fanatical. Being someone who usually wears little/no make up at al, I learned so much about make up techniques.  I bought myself a new eye shadow (brown, obviously. It's such a versatile color with tanned skin.), mineral blusher, and a lipstick in a color called Poppy. It's a lovely, lovely color. 

I vow to myself, I will wake up a bit earlier to do my hair and makeup, instead of throwing on some clothes and run out the house. 

Also, I found a nice perfume that my friend recommended me. 

Bright Crystal by Versace 

It has a natural sweet rose like scent to it, that I adore. This is the first time, I bought my own perfume :* My other perfumes were all gifts from my friends. Obviously, being the cheap person that I am, I didn't buy this from the retail store. 

I bought it from a store in Lucky Plaza after wandering around there with my friend after the opening ceramony. The store keeper told me that she bought them from the retail store itself, unused tester samples. It was only $35 bucks! I immediately paid for it with my card. ^_^ I think after I get a job, I shall get two more bottles, one each  for my best friend and my aunt. 

Another scent that I loved was See by Chloe. It was a mild, mature scent of a type of flower that I cant seem to remember the name of. 


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