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 listening to: Raise Your Glass - Pink

 I like Pink songs, her song lyrics have the kind of metaphoric double meanings to them when you check them out on google. Anyway, I totally shouldnt be typing this post now. I have sketches to be done, mole skin planners to be updated , bags to be packed and rooms to be tidied.
Yeah, you get the idea. Loads and load to be done. But some how I dont feel motivated in the least :/

It has been this way since, way when I can remember. I mean, I do get these sudden adrenaline rushes of motivation to do work. But it's only temporary and it passes very fast. Faster than you can snap

Anyway, typing journals keeps me motivated (: 
I'm more of a words than speech person. I guess that's because I tend to be extremely blunt when I say things, and am better at covering up my social faux pauxes with what most would call "flowery" language.

Yeah, I tend to sprout SAT words in a conversation. I dont even take SATs. ha. 

Anyway, my supply of eye shadow and eye liner ran out. So I ordered some at this awesome online store at Cherry Cupcakes. 

Usually MAC make up goes for approximately say, $26 - $30 locally here in Singapore. You save about $10 bucks or so at this store? Especially with their ANY 2 @ $28 Chinese new year promotion. 

Totally worth it, go see! 

Anyway, I placed an order for about 4 items, 3 eye shadows and a bronze/brown eye liner~

Swiss Chocolate: Muted reddish brown (Matte)
Femme Fi (BBR Collection) - Discontinued
Tete-A-Tint (Matte2 Collection) - Discontinued

Nothing much, I dont like crazy colors like green, purple. Hell, I dont even like the traditional blue. Brown suits me better. Blue just leaks of sluttiness. 

Here are my new years resolution. 
01. Use my moleskin more often
02. Cycle and swim more often
03. Lose 5kg and maintain weight.
04. Get and keep a job for more than 4 months. 
05. Get better grades and start managing my time better!


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